“Cold System” Behind the Scene

Your refrigerator has a lot of stories to tell. It is a magic box that keeps food fresh and attractive before getting dumped. It is also the container of material and energy flow that you never consider. What is behind the scene? We are interested in unpacking the social and environmental impact based on the existing refrigeration system.


Before getting into one person’s fridge, different food categories like milk, fish, and egg,  have gone through multiple and complex processes. A huge amount of greenhouse gas emission and energy consumption in this process are concealed in daily life and end up in the trash bin very quickly.


Worldwide it is estimated that  40% of all foods require refrigeration, and 15% of the electricity consumed around the globe is used for refrigeration. Yet food only stays in your fridge for about 1-2days for fish, 4-5days for milk, or 2-3 weeks for eggs which creates the most significant scenario of energy waste among all entities. With the rising concern over climate change, global warming and the recent sharp increases in energy costs, there is increasing pressure to make significant reductions in carbon emissions and energy use.

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